Friday, October 18, 2013

All Clear: Escorted Access and Caution Tape No Longer Needed

Escorted access and caution tape in areas of the book stacks on the 2nd and 3rd floors during evening hours on the Freret Street side of the library are no longer needed.  They've been replaced by the provision of temporary extra fire exits nearby and near the center of each floor.

These temporary measures are related to the construction work that will build shear wall vertical concrete slabs running from the 2nd floor up within the emergency stairwells at each end of the library building, and behind one of the marble panels in its central stairwell.  Work within the emergency stairwell on the Freret Street side of the building is expected to continue through next month.

NOISE ALERT:  While the work area abutting the stairwell has been walled in and insulated, library users may still hear construction noise nearby on the floors where the work is taking place.  Crews work only on weekdays and their workdays end at 5 pm.

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