Monday, April 21, 2014

Steel Deliveries Delayed to Accommodate the Library's Study/Exam Period

Rather that begin today the concentrated sequence of steel deliveries for the frame of the library's two more floors, the contractor for the project has decided to schedule just two deliveries for Thursday and Friday this week to lay down for temporary storage some initial pieces of steel on the construction site and then reschedule the longer period of deliveries uninterrupted after the study and exam period ends on May 10.

The steel beams and other pieces for the frame will still arrive in sequence over a concentrated period lasting about eight weeks; this will just begin a of couple weeks later than initially planned. All deliveries are expected to come through the main construction zone gate next to the library building on Freret Street. During the delivery period for the steel, large trucks can be expected to enter and exit the construction site from and onto Freret Street, during regular work hours six days a week (Mondays through Saturdays). Crews will direct both pedestrian and vehicle traffic around the gate as each truck arrives and exits. Much of the frame for the 5th and 6th floor building addition will be erected as the steel arrives.

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