Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New 3rd Floor Ceiling Work Schedule

The contractor for the construction project has issued a new phasing schedule for the installation of the fire suppression (sprinkler) system on the 3rd floor. It corresponds with the change in the sequence of the work announced last Wednesday afternoon. The schedule shows a new sequence for all the work phases on the floor and adjusts the dates for each phase to account for the recent delays related to pipe requirements for the sprinkler system and to the abatement work completed on the 3rd floor at the end of last week.

Rather than move across the back side of the building to the southwest quadrant of the floor, the sprinkler installation work was shifted to the northeast quadrant of the building more directly adjacent to the Phase 1 stacks area where the book shelves were first covered on June 30. Once the installation work is completed in the new Phase 2 northeast quadrant, the work will zig zag back up to the southwest quadrant that houses music books and scores for Phase 3 and then end Phase 4 in the southeast quadrant of the floor sometime around Sept. 16 which is about two weeks later than initially planned.

The area of Phase 1 has been extended into the Innovative Learning Center (ILC) office area next door, since otherwise the work there would have been pushed back into the early fall semester. The ILC is going to use classroom 308 for a storage area for the sensitive equipment from its office area during the sprinkler work as had been planned originally. Meanwhile, classroom 309 is back in service although for the remainder of this week its best access may be through its side door while a crew reinstalls the ceiling in front of 309’s normal doorway entrance.

The revised dates for the new phase 1-4 sequence are as follows:

Phase 1: (6/30 – 8/5)
Area location: northwest quadrant of the building
  • Faculty carrels affected: F317-F327 
  • Grad student carrels affected: carrels in areas 330V, 331V, and 332V along the northwest wall of the building 
Phase 2: (7/23 – 8/12) 
Area location (change): northeast quadrant of the building
  • Faculty carrels affected: F328-F332 
Phase 3: (8/13 – 8/29)
Area location (change): southwest quadrant of the building
  • Faculty carrels affected: F309-F316 
  • Grad student carrels affected: carrels in areas 328V and 329 along the southwest wall of the building
Phase 4: (9/2 – 9/16) 
Area location (change): southeast quadrant of the building
  • Faculty carrels affected: F301-F308

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