Friday, September 26, 2014

After a Delay, Revised Phasing Schedule for 2nd Floor Ceiling Work Announced

The construction contractor has released a revised schedule for the installation of the fire suppression (sprinkler) system on the 2nd floor.  Work will begin this Monday (Sept. 29) in the northeast quadrant of the floor, after having been originally scheduled to start a little more than a week ago.  The delay in progressing from the 3rd floor to the 2nd was requested by Tulane’s project managers to make sure the installation work on the 3rd floor had been adequately completed in detail, including inspections and pressure tests of the installed system. 

The installation work on the 2nd floor will be done in phases that will progress counterclockwise in sequence. The phased work zones on the 2nd floor are laid out so that none of its separately staffed areas (the Library Admin Office, Microforms & Newspapers, and Interlibrary Loan) are located in the same zone, and each of the zones with staffed areas comes later in the sequence. Arrangements will be made where needed to temporarily relocate staff, as well as sensitive equipment, and to otherwise cover furniture in affected areas while the work is being done in each phase, as was done on floors 3 and 4.

To the right is a floor plan showing the revised 2nd floor phasing schedule.

Workers may arrive in the first zone in the phased sequence today to begin staging equipment and this preparation work may include beginning to cover book ranges in the zone with plastic sheeting. Here is a text version of the revised dates for the phasing sequence on the 2nd floor:

Phase 1: (9/29 -10/17) 
Area location: northeast quadrant of the building
  • Faculty carrels affected: F225-F232 
Phase 2: (10/20 – 11/7) 
Area location: northwest quadrant of the building
  • Faculty carrels affected: F217-F224
  • Grad student carrels affected: carrels in areas 224V, 225V, and 226V along the northwest wall of the building 
Phase 2b: (11/10 – 11/21) 
Area location: west central area of the building
  • Staffed area affected: Library Admin Office 
Phase 3: (11/24 – 12/4, then 12/17 -12/30) 
Area location: southwest quadrant of the building
  • Staffed area affected: Microforms & Newspapers 
  • Faculty carrels affected: F209-F216 
Phase 4: (1/2 – 1/22) 
Area location: southeast quadrant of the building
  • Staffed area affected: Interlibrary Loan 
  • Faculty carrels affected: F201-F208

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