Monday, September 1, 2014

Occasional Roof Leaks

With the steel frame and new roof for the library's two-floor addition only partially complete, the potential for occasional roof leaks has increased along with the huge amount of construction activity now on the present roof top, in addition to the extra weight from a large amount of mechanical equipment and materials stored up there.

One relatively minor water roof leak, following some very heavy rainfall outside, was reported and addressed Saturday above the ceiling in the northeast corner of the 4th floor. The leak produced water dripping in three places: two over the book stacks and one in a corner office. No books were damaged.  Plastic was placed over the books in the immediate area and large a dehumidifier was brought in to keep the area and its books dry. Workers will continue to address the source of the problem both above the ceiling and on top of the roof throughout the coming week.

Library users should feel free report problems like water dripping from the ceiling or other building issues at the the library's main desk on the 1st floor. This can be especially helpful on evenings and weekends when there are fewer library staff members in the building to watch for problems.

Meanwhile, as more of the frame and sides of the two-floor addition are completed over the next several weeks, the potential for roof leaks should lessen at an equal rate.

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