Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Elevator Lobby Closure Schedule; Building Closure 12/17 to 1/4 Confirmed

Tulane’s department of Capital Projects & Real Estate (CPREG) has released a schedule for the removal of elevator lobby ceilings in the the library that confirms the Howard-Tilton building will need to be closed from Dec. 17 to Jan. 4. It will reopen on Jan. 5, allowing the library to be open a week in advance of the start of the spring semester on Jan. 12. The full schedule with its floor sequence is below:  

4th Floor Lobby: (11/10 - 11/28) 
Impact:  4th Floor closed to public access [in progress].

Basement Lobby: (11/28 – 12/16) 
Impact expected:   Little impact because the basement lobby is not a public area. 

1st Floor Lobby: (12/17 – 1/4) 
Impact expected  Building will be closed 12/17 - 1/4 during intersession and will reopen on 1/5. Spring Semester begins 1/12.

2nd Floor Lobby: (1/5 – 1/17) 
Impact expected: Access to 2nd floor from Freret side and Dixon side stairwells only.  No elevator access to 2nd floor.  Alternate entrance to library administrative offices.

3rd Floor Lobby: (1/16 – 2/1) 
Impact expected: Access to 3rd floor from Freret side and Dixon side stairwells only.  No elevator access to 3rd floor.  Alternate entrances to Innovative Learning Center (ILC) and Center for Library User Education (CLUE).

Removal and replacement of the ceilings in the library’s existing elevator lobbies is needed to install the fire suppression (sprinkler system) required by building codes as part of the construction of the 5th/6th floor building addition. The ceilings to be removed were made with a material containing a low level of asbestos and their removal will require special containment areas to be set up around the lobbies and procedures for monitoring. The final part (1/31 – 2/10) of the abatement project will remove some seals around duct and pipe above the ceilings and connecting to a small interior chase within the stairwell on the Freret Street side of the building. This is expected to have only a minor impact on use of the building; a limited number of books on shelves directly adjacent to the stairwell may be covered with plastic sheeting.  The stairwell will still be accessible.

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