Monday, April 27, 2015

Loud Work Ceases for Study and Exam Period

As usual since work on the 5th and 6th floor addition began, construction-related work within the lower floors of the library has been halted during the its study and exam period, which this semester lasts from  April 24 until May 9.

In addition, the construction contractor agreed to temporarily remove the plastic sheeting that was covering books on the 2nd floor in the area where the fire suppression (sprinkler) system was being installed. This was accomplished quickly last Thursday afternoon. Workers will replace the plastic when the installation resumes on May 11.

Rules laid out in the construction plans specifically prohibit disruptive work onsite during study and exam periods. This effectively means that all construction work within the lower floors of the building is to stop. Jack-hammering, metal cutting, and other disruptive activity within the 5th and 6th floors above is to stop as well. The construction contractor and its subs are allowed to continue work on a short list of other projects above that are said to carry little risk of disruption to students studying on the lower floors. However, these projects can be stopped by Tulane’s department of Capital Projects & Real Estate (CPREG) or its project monitors, VR Management, if needed.

There is a separate contractor working in the building on a non-construction related project, a renovation of classroom 308, organized independently by Tulane Technology Services.  Most of the equipment for the renovation has already been moved up to the room and the remaining work there is not likely to be especially noisy. The work in 308 is expected to be finished by Thursday, April 30, and the new examples of instructional technology taking shape there are impressive.

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