Thursday, December 10, 2015

Loud Work Has Ceased for the Study and Exam Period

Rules laid out in the construction plans prohibit disruptive work onsite during study and exam periods. This effectively means that all construction work within the lower floors of the building has now been halted, officially between the dates of Friday, Dec. 4 and Tuesday Dec. 15.  Loud activity within the new 5th and 6th floors above has been shut down as well.

A small crew from a library shelving company has been completing its installation of the last remaining book shelves to go in on the upper floors, in this case located in a small section of the southeast corner of the new 5th floor.  The crew is not using power tools and the work is not considered equivalent to construction activity or noticeable on the floors below.  However, the work will be stopped too by Tulane’s department of Capital Projects & Real Estate (CPREG) if it at any point its determined to be disruptive.

Once the construction work resumes after the study and exam period ends, only a few more weeks of work is expected before the construction project is officially declared by inspectors to be "substantially complete," with only minor punch list items remaining.  The goal is to allow the library to move collections and staff into the new upper spaces in time to open them for the upcoming spring 2016 semester.

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