Friday, May 30, 2014

3rd Floor Women's Restroom Reopened

The women’s restroom on the library's 3rd floor has been reopened.  Completion of the work there had been delayed due to issues with replacing the tile on the restroom's walls that had been been demolished then rebuilt as part of the construction of one of the interior concrete shear wall supports that will anchor the structure of two new floors to the existing lower floors of the building.  It proved impossible to find a new tile that exactly matched the old 45-year old original tile, and eventually a match that was close enough had to be used.  Some additional modifications to the tile may be required later this summer, but the restroom is functional again and open for use.

The women’s restroom on the 4th floor should be the next to be brought back online, likely within the next couple of weeks. There were other problems there that were more structural in nature, in addition to the same tile issues. The men’s restrooms on the 3rd and 4th floors are also out of commission due to construction of a separate shear wall, which was started later than the shear wall between the women’s restrooms and the central stairwell. They’re on a different timeline and not scheduled to reopen until after June 30 (although in the 3rd floor men’s restroom the work looks to be nearing completion).