Monday, March 7, 2016

Construction Work is Continuing in a Separate Project Aimed at the Library's Basement

A new separate project focusing on a portion of the library basement will stretch construction work within the library building into this summer.

Thus, crews have begun preliminary work that includes demolition of temporary walls in the basement in preparation for construction of eight classrooms, 16 offices, two small conference rooms, and two study areas.  These will be used first as swing space by the School of Business because a larger construction project will add an addition onto Goldring-Woldenberg Hall and will next fall displace similar spaces there.

After the Goldring-Woldenberg addition is finished (in about two years) the classrooms would then become part of the general classroom pool to be assigned by the Registrar’s Office. In other words,while this construction project will take place in the library, it is not specifically a library project.

The time line for the basement project is extremely tight with a target completion date of July 29 in order for the classrooms to be ready for classes already being assigned rooms for fall semester 2016.

A portion of the library staff lounge is slated for demolition as part of the basement project so the original egress hallway that led to the basement elevator lobby from the library’s entrance stairwell to the basement can be restored. The lounge will be extended back toward the elevator lobby to replace the space.

Overall, the project would put back into use about half of the basement space that is presently unused, with the renovation focused on part of center and much of the north end of the basement—the side closest to Dixon Hall.

Preliminary Project Schedule:
  • [NOISE ALERT] Demolition Phase: Some work removing walls largely in the northeast corner of the basement began late last week.   The noisy part of this may continue today and possibly tomorrow, as workers use drills and power hammers to remove nine cement risers that once served as base foundations for old mechanical/HVAC equipment.  Cement debris from this operation would be carted up to the 1st floor and removed from the building out the back entrance in the early hours prior to the library opening for a few days. All other materials, including construction materials, would be bought in and out of the building through the existing contractor entrance to the basement at the northwest corner of the building. 

  • Design Phase: Construction documents will be prepared between now and mid-March.

  • Permit Phase: Project managers are hoping for all necessary construction permits to be obtained by April.

  • Construction Phase: Actual construction should start on April 1.

  • Quiet Period: No work will be allowed during the library’s spring semester study and exam period (or during the earlier 5th and 6th floor dedication event planned for March 16).

  • Construction Completion Target: July 29.

  • Occupancy Target: August 1.

Tulane Capital Projects & Real Estate Group (CPREG) will oversee and management the basement project. VergesRome Architects and VR Mgt. will assist, and will also handle the design and preparation of construction drawings. The construction contractor that has handled the library’s 5th and 6th floor build-back addition is handling the preliminary basement demo work and may stay on for the remainder.

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